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Separation agreements should be taken into consideration prior to divorce.When a person dies there are usually a variety of legal matters to attend to before closing the estate. Someone must satisfy debts and determine the distribution of assets. The older or more affluent the deceased was, the more complicated this may be.

If a deceased’s estate is not administered properly, it can cause strife among surviving family members. It there is no will, multiple wills or other irregularities, the process may become complicated. Many families find that an experienced estate administration lawyer can provide objectivity and confidence in determining the proper final disposition of the deceased’s assets.

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Avoiding Probate Problems Through Diplomacy

If a deceased’s estate cannot be dealt with efficiently and in a timely manner, it may create ill will among family members. Estate litigation, in which a family member contests a will or trust, may become a costly ordeal that permanently damages family ties.

Tasks involved in estate administration include:

  • Submitting the deceased’s will to probate (the process of proving its validity).
  • Paying creditors.
  • Filing estate tax returns.
  • Identifying assets.
  • Distributing assets.
  • Accounting for asset distribution to the court.

Probate problems can arise if one or more family members think the deceased’s will or trust is unfair or does not represent the deceased’s actual desires. Such problems could lead to legal claims against the estate that block proceedings.

Cases of joint inheritance – property willed to multiple people – can leave beneficiaries in disagreement about sharing or selling inherited assets.

Such intra-family litigation or other disagreements should be avoided if at all possible. They can damage relationships in ways that may never be resolved.

A professional estate administrator ensures all family members’ issues are aired and duly considered, and works to minimize problems that can lead to family strife. A probate attorney works to mediate disputes related to inheritance and other disagreements or problems with the will.

This work requires experience and diplomacy, as well as knowledge of South Carolina probate law. If litigation cannot be avoided, the estate administrator or probate attorney must have trial experience or hand the case off to another attorney.

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