10 Signs of Domestic Abuse in South Carolina

The silent signs of domestic abuse.

South Carolina’s Protection from Domestic Abuse Act (Section 20-4-20) defines domestic abuse as “physical abuse, bodily injury, assault, the threat of physical harm, sexual criminal offenses as defined by statute, committed against a family or household member by family or household member.” Mental or psychological abuse is also a factor in domestic abuse situations.

Domestic violence and abuse can happen to anyone regardless of gender, age, race or any other biological factor. It is often hidden behind closed doors and many times, people do not realize that what they are experiencing is abuse. While some signs of abuse are apparent – such as unexplained injuries, threats and constant verbal put-downs – many are not.

Signs of Domestic Abuse

The following are 10 less-well-known indicators of an abusive situation in a domestic relationship:

  1. The person is kept away from his or her family and friends on special occasions.
  2. The person is significantly less talkative or outgoing, or “takes a back seat” in the presence of his or her domestic partner.
  3. The person’s domestic partner exhibits extreme jealousy or overprotective behavior.
  4. The person makes excuses or blames themself for the partner’s frequent rude or dangerous behavior.
  5. Personal property is damaged – such as a hole in a wall or a broken car headlight – potentially indicating one partner’s anger.
  6. The person seems anxious to please his or her partner or goes along with everything his or her partner says and does.
  7. The person has limited access to money, credit cards or transportation.
  8. The person frequently checks in with his or her partner to report on his or her location and activity.
  9. The person calls for a ride from odd locations, indicating an angry mate suddenly dropped her or him off, or the person is frequently locked out of his or her home.
  10. The person is home but frequently “can’t come to the phone,” or his or her partner frequently answers the person’s cell phone.

If you or someone you love is experiencing any of the above, then they could be victims of domestic abuse.

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