Alimony Lawyers in Indian Land, SC

Lancaster alimony attorney can help a couple who decided to divorce with financial arrangements.

If you are considering a divorce or going through the divorce process, you may wonder how the concept of alimony will come into play. Alimony, or spousal support, is a specified amount determined by the court that one person must pay their former spouse each month, and it is designed to help the person who is less financially stable. At the divorce law firm of Trimnal & Myers, we know how these divorce-related issues can cause stress and emotional pain. We strive to be a trusted friend to our clients, providing the alimony answers you need to empower yourself as you face the financial consequences of a divorce.

About Alimony

Alimony awards may be either temporary or permanent, depending on the situation. Every case is different, however, the two biggest factors the Court will use in determining an alimony award amount is the disparity in income between the parties and the length of the marriage. The court will also factor in the fault of either part in causing the marriage to fail. If a spouse has committed adultery, they are barred from receiving alimony. Additional factors may include each person’s physical and mental condition, their educational or training background, standard of living during marriage, number and age of children/dependents, marital misconduct, tax issues, and earning potential, among others.

In some cases, alimony can be granted as a lump sum as opposed to a monthly amount. Keep in mind that an alimony award can be revisited by the court system if either person experiences a change in financial status. Alimony is ordered to help with a spouses cost of living, whereas child support is ordered to cover expenses related to raising a child.

Protect Your Rights After A Divorce

Whether you are seeking alimony from your spouse or facing an order to pay alimony, a skilled Rock Hill divorce lawyer can be very helpful for assisting you with the process, protecting your rights during the proceedings, and maximizing your chance at getting the outcome you want. We will evaluate your financial situation and make sure the court is well informed of your needs after a divorce.

For legal guidance from a team who is truly invested in each client’s outcome, please contact Trimnal & Myers, today. We will talk you through the alimony process, educate you on your rights and responsibilities, and explain the laws as they apply to you. Our family would be honored to serve you during such a challenging time and we look forward to meeting with you in person.