Dealing with Child Custody Issues

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Van Myers, lawyer of Trimanal & Myers, LLC, describes the factors that the court evaluates in order to keep within the best interest of the child.

Dealing with Child Custody Issues
Parents can Settle Child Custody Issues by the Help of a Lancaster Custody Attorney.

Fort Mill Family Law Firm

At the Fort Mill family law firm of Trimnal & Myers, LLC, our attorneys have worked with parting couples in South Carolina for many years. We have seen the stressful custody issues that can arise, and we are proud of the work we do to help parents find solutions that fit. We encourage you to stay calm and confident in your parenting abilities. The worst thing a parent can do is panic and show anger in a court situation or pass their fears onto their children. Trust that we will do everything we can to prove to the court that you deserve the type of custody arrangement you are requesting.

Often the most difficult issue in a divorce is determining custody of your minor children. The touchstone the court will use in a custody determination is the “best interest of the child.”  Our custody attorneys litigate disputes in the court room or draft custody agreements providing for the specific needs of our client and the children involved.

We provide advice and guidance with issues involving:

  • Custody
  • Joint Custody and Parenting Agreements
  • Visitation
  • Child support

As you begin with a separation and research how to go about a legal divorce, there are some terms you should know that describe the different types of custodial arrangements available for parting parents. Here is a brief introduction:

  • Legal Custody – If a parent has legal custody, he or she is empowered with the right to make decisions concerning the child’s lifestyle and welfare. Both parents may have joint legal custody with equal decision making rights regarding their child or parents can have joint legal custody with one parent designated as the primary decision maker.
  • Physical Custody- Physical custody denotes the parent that the child primary resides with.
  • Joint Custody – Joint custody arrangements are often utilized when parents are able to work together to effectively co-parent their children and when both parents are considered capable and responsible.
  • Sole Custody – Sole custody is when one parent has the power to make all decisions concerning the child’s welfare and the child resides with that parent as well.
  • Split Custody – This situation occurs when each parent gets physical custody of one or more children, an uncommon agreement that is generally not favored because it divides the siblings between homes.

Our child custody attorneys are happy to answer all of your questions and provide you with information about your rights on topics like visitation issues, custody arrangements, parenting plans, and more. If you need advice on custody issues and divorce protection in Fort Mill, Lancaster or nearby areas, please contact Trimnal & Myers, LLC, for a family law attorney meeting. Our experienced team knows the ins and outs of custody law, and we would be honored to help you get through this life-changing event with a positive outcome.