A child support lawyer can be one of your strongest allies if you’re going through a divorce. Part of your family attorney’s job will be to help you navigate the terms of child custody as well as the financial impact of child support and alimony. Trimnal & Myers Attorneys wants you to understand the basics about child support payments.

What are child support payments?

Parents who are awarded sole or primary custody of their children may seek a monetary settlement from the non-custodial parent. This monthly allowance is known as child support and its main objective is to help cover all expenses that are required for raising a child. This differs from alimony awards, which are given to one spouse by another to cover their own living expenses.

How does the court calculate child support payments?

The South Carolina Department of Social Services produces a series of guidelines for the courts to follow. This takes many factors into consideration, including the gross income of both parties, child care costs, and health insurance costs.

What happens if the other parent fails to pay?

The court system is able to manage and track each payment if necessary. If the non-custodial parent forgets or refuses to pay child support, they could be forced to pay fines or reimburse attorney’s fees. Wages may be garnished or, in a worst-case scenario, incarceration may be required.

Working with a child support lawyer is always the right move for your family. Call Trimnal & Myers Attorneys today to see how we can help.