Domestic violence leaves behind many scars. Victims can suffer from PTSD, physical injuries, and emotional damage. Contacting a domestic abuse lawyer and the authorities are two steps you can take to get yourself or someone else out of a toxic and dangerous situation. But in order to do this, you must be aware of the signs. Trimnal & Myers Attorneys wants to share these six common signs of domestic abuse:

  1. Isolation – A major sign of domestic abuse is when someone cuts off contact from friends and family. If one partner keeps the other isolated due to jealousy, a dislike of friends and family, or other reasons, it may be an abusive relationship. No one should feel like a prisoner. Trust your instincts.
  2. Regulation – Abusive people have a tendency to regulate their victims’ schedules. They may attempt to keep tabs through phone calls or frequent questions about the other person’s whereabouts and activities. They may even try to control a partner’s diet.
  3. Anxiety – Abuse frequently leads to anxiety. Domestic abuse victims may seek out their partner’s approval and have a fear of upsetting them. A victim’s social interactions may change, too. They may become more uptight around others or they may isolate themselves completely.
  4. Violent actions – Many abusers have anger management issues and will find ways to excuse their violent behavior. For instance, an abuser may punch a hole in the wall and convince the other partner that it was their fault.
  5. Justification – Sadly, many victims will also excuse the violent behavior of their partners. They may convince themselves that these abusive actions are justifiable.
  6. Rescue driver calls – Has a friend or family member been calling you for a ride to or from various locations? It may be more than a transportation issue. These could be calls for a rescue driver to get them out of a bad situation. This is a typical sign of abuse.

If you or someone you know is dealing with an abusive relationship, don’t wait to get help. Get the legal support you need by calling contacting the family lawyers at Trimnal & Myers Attorneys. Our compassionate staff will help you however we can.