All relationships, including marriages, tend to go through ups and downs. However, at a certain point, spending time apart can be a healthy decision. Legal separation is a step that many couples take before they file for divorce. Your divorce attorney understands that the process can be both confusing and overwhelming for many people. Trimnal & Myers Attorneys has an overview of separation agreements.

Legal separation agreements

A separation agreement allows a married couple to set terms (such as living apart) with a goal that both parties can eventually overcome their differences. This is a viable option for couples who wish to remain married, yet feel that their current situation is not healthy. Once approved by a court, a separation agreement will turn into a court order. Similar to a contract, this order means that the agreement is enforceable through the court.

Meeting with a divorce attorney

It’s highly recommended that couples considering this option set up a consultation with a divorce attorney. The legal language and terminology used in these agreements could lead to serious consequences if a couple should fail to follow the orders that are laid out. Doing so would be detrimental to the couple’s best interests.

If you would like to speak to a divorce attorney about legal separation, call Trimnal & Myers Attorneys. We’re here to help you take the necessary steps towards healthier relationships.