Fort Mill Separation Agreement Attorneys

A SC Separation lawyer can assist couples who want to settle for separation prior to a divorce.

A separation may be one of the most difficult events of your life. But it doesn’t have to be confusing and emotionally draining. A skilled Lancaster divorce lawyer can help make the process easier and work to ensure your rights are being protected during the proceedings.

If you are considering a divorce, the experienced attorneys at Trimnal & Myers, LLC, will guide you as you make important decisions based on the best interests of you and your children. Our family law attorneys understand the financial and emotional consequences of a separation, and we serve you and your family with compassion and straightforward advice.

Legal Separation Leading To Divorce

If you are serious about splitting from your partner, generally a separation must be completed before a divorce can be initiated. This means the court requires you to live apart from your spouse for a period of one year. However, there are exceptions to this rule in cases where one spouse may be posing a threat to the other through physical domestic abuse, drug or alcohol abuse, or adultery. It is important to seek legal advice prior to separating from your spouse. Despite the fact that you may have to wait to be divorced, the court does allow the issues of property division, alimonycustody, visitation issues, and child support to be decided prior to granting a legal divorce.

Separation Agreements

If you and your spouse can amicably resolve your differences, then a Separation Agreement containing the agreed upon terms can be signed by the parties and approved by the Court. Once approved by the Court, the Separation Agreement becomes part of a Court Order and is enforceable through the Court. It is critical that you consult with an attorney prior to signing a Separation Agreement. The language and terminology used in the Separation Agreement may have legal consequences that you are unaware of and that may be detrimental to your interest. We draft Separation Agreements for clients and have them approved through the Family Court. In addition, we review Separation Agreements and negotiate terms of settlement that meet the needs of our clients.

For divorce advice, child support help, or answers to questions you may have about legal separation, please contact a Fort Mill separation agreement attorney at your convenience. The Trimnal & Myers, LLC, legal team is here to help the people of South Carolina become independent after deciding that a marriage is standing in the way of their happiness. Our team is here to support and educate you on your options.