Since child custody arrangements involve minors, they require delicate care and handling. Working with a child custody lawyer is a must for these types of situations. Trimnal & Myers Attorneys wants you to know about the many services a family and divorce lawyer can provide:

  • Child custody – A child custody lawyer will be your guide through the strenuous process of establishing primary or secondary custody rights. You’ll be provided with clear advice on the legal steps you should take to obtain a favorable custody arrangement or to modify child custody in South Carolina.
  • Child support Child support negotiations can often cause added tension between parents. A family and divorce lawyer will assist you with child support payment calculations, among other details.
  • Joint custody and parenting agreements – Child support lawyers can also assist with joint custody arrangements. This may include the creation of healthy parenting plans and other specifics.
  • Visitation – Child custody lawyers will work with you on visitation rights agreements and arrangements between parties.

When you need a child custody lawyer, contact Trimnal & Myers Attorneys at our Indian Land, Fort Mill, or Lancaster, SC offices. We’re here to help your family as you work through these important and sensitive legal matters. Call today to learn more.