Alimony is often one of the main points of discussion in a divorce case. Just like many other aspects of family law, the concept of alimony can often be confusing and complex. Here at Trimnal & Myers Attorneys, we want you to have a better understanding of this part of the process.

What is alimony?

To put it simply, alimony is a monetary allowance that’s awarded from one spouse to the other during a divorce. This allowance helps the receiving spouse cover various living costs. Alimony is different from child support, with child support being restricted to expenses that are related to raising a child.

Are alimony awards permanent or temporary?

This type of financial support can either be permanent or temporary – but this all depends on the circumstances. Your alimony lawyer will tell you that every divorce case is different, especially as it relates to alimony. The court will review two major influencing factors as the alimony award process proceeds: the difference in the two spouses’ incomes and the determining cause behind the failed marriage. The court will also consider the number and age of children or dependents, the quality of living during the marriage, and each spouse’s physical and mental condition, among others. Alimony can be revisited by the court system if either spouse should experience a change in their financial status.

What can keep you from getting alimony?

There are many factors that may keep you from receiving alimony. For instance, if one spouse has committed adultery, it’s very likely that they won’t be awarded alimony. This is why you should always seek a divorce lawyer’s advice before requesting this type of financial support.

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